Happy Fourth of July!

For Young Children

The Story of America's BirthdayThe Story of America's Birthday
Written by Patricia Pingry; illustrated by Stacy Venturi-Pickett

This boardbook, created especially for preschoolers and kindergartners, tells the story of the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution, and America's quest for independence. Related books in this series include The Story of George Washington, The Story of Thomas Jefferson, The Story of Benjamin Franklin, and The Story of "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Biscuit's Fourth of July
Written by Alyssa Satin Capucilli; illustrated by Pat Schories

Biscuit celebrates America's birthday. There's a parade and fireworks to watch, and lots of treats to share with friends and family. Unfold the flaps to see what surprises are in store this Fourth of July. Ideal for young children (ages 2-5).
The Fourth of July StoryThe Fourth of July Story
Written by Alice Dalgliesh; illustrated by Marie Nonnast

In this book geared toward lower elementary students, two-time Newbery Honor author Alice Dalgliesh brings the story of America's birthday to life. In vivid, yet simple terms, she tells the story of this great nation's fight for independence. In the process, she introduces young children to many of the events and people that made the United States the land it is today.

George WashingtonGeorge Washington
Written by Ingri D'Aulaire; illustrated by Edgar D'Aulaire

In print since 1936, this is the quintessential children's biography of the "Father of His Country." The text tells of Washington's early years, ultimately leading readers into the Revolutionary War. More than just a storybook, the work recaptures Washington's life and his world in rich, accurate illustrations both children and adults will love. The D'Aulaires' work also includes an equally well-written biography of Benjamin Franklin.

The Pledge of AllegianceThe Pledge of Allegiance

This beautifully-illustrated version of the Pledge of Allegiance makes an excellent tool for helping even young children comprehend the familiar words. In addition to The Pledge of Allegiance, Scholastic offers equally attractive versions of several patriotic songs, including My Country, 'Tis of Thee, The Star-Spangled Banner, and (now out of print, but used copies are available) America, The Beautiful.

Other recommended books for young readers (preschool-Grade 2) include ...

For Older Children and Pre-Teens

Johnny TremainJohnny Tremain
Written by Esther Forbes

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is supposed to be a silversmith's apprentice. Through a series of events, the young teen finds himself out of the shop and right in middle of the American Revolution. When Johnny Tremain rolled off the presses in 1944, it claimed the prestigious Newbery Award. Now, more than half a century later, the tale of adventure, loss, courage, and history steal captivates readers, drawing them back more than two centuries in time.

Suitable for upper elementary students, this book also merits reading by any teen or adult who somehow missed it during their younger years. Also worthy of mention is the 1957 movie version of this American classic, which shares the name Johnny Tremain.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; illustrated by Christopher Bing

Longfellow's classic poem is richly illustrated with the detailed artwork of Christopher Bing. Though tagged for older children, this is yet another book that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Even those too young to read the text will enjoy looking at the pictures and listening as the book is read aloud. Illustrator Ted Rand also offers a vivid portrayal of Paul Revere's Ride.

George vs. George: The Revolutionary War as Seen by Both Sides George vs. George: The Revolutionary War as Seen by Both Sides
Written by Rosalyn Schanzer

Arguably one of the more interesting histories of the era to hit shelves in recent years, this well-researched and nicely-illustrated account seeks to examine the politics behind the American Revolution from both a British and American perspective ... all while presenting the facts in simple terms.

Yankee Doodle Boy: A Young Soldier's Adventures in the American Revolution Told by Himself
Written by Joseph Plumb Martin; edited by George Scheer

Presents the firsthand experiences of a Connecticut farm boy who enlisted in his hometown regiment one summer's night and found himself a seasoned veteran of the battlefield by year's end. Teens and adults may enjoy the unedited work upon which this version is based, A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier, as well as an anthology of first-hand accounts compiled by this work's editor, Rebels and Redcoats: The American Revolution Through the Eyes of Those Who Fought and Lived It.

Can't You Make Them Behave, King George?
Written by Jean Fritz

Offering a glimpse at the war as seen through British eyes, Jean Fritz delivers this account of the life of King George. A prolific writer of juvenile biography and history books, Fritz has also authored books on an assortment of other key figures of the Revolutionary era, including ...

 A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution A More Perfect Union: The Story of Our Constitution
by Giulio and Betsy C. Maestro

Each year, millions of Americans celebrate their nation's independence on the Fourth of July. Without wise leaders, however, the fledgling nation could never have survived. In this brief work, the Maestros share the story of this nation's Constitution--and the stories of the 55 men responsible for it--in terms even young Americans will understand and enjoy. (Recommended for Grades 2-4).

We the KidsWe the Kids
Illustrated by David Catrow

Artist and political cartoonist David uses humorous illustrations and the actual text of the Preamble to the Constitution to help elementary school students grasp the concepts entrenched in this historic document.

Fireworks, Picnics and Flags Fireworks, Picnics and Flags
Written by James Cross Giblin

Giblin digs below the surface to find out how the bald eagle, the Libery Bell, Uncle Sam, even fireworks, became symbols of American independence. He shares his findings with young readers, and in so doing, recounts the history of Independence Day. Geared toward grades 3 and up.

Other recommended books for older readers (upper elementary and early middle school) include ...

Yes, as a matter of fact, the Childhood of Famous Americans series was a childhood favorite. I'm pretty sure I read every volume our tiny library system had within two months of discovering them. I read the copies at our local library many times over, and truth be told, I still enjoy them.

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