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Celebrating Arbor Day at The Holiday Zone

Arbor Day Discussion Topics for English Language Learners

  • Is Arbor Day or a similar holiday celebrated in your home country? If so, when?

  • Have you ever planted a tree? If so, what kind of tree did you plant? Where did you plant it? What time of year did you plant it? How did you plant it?

  • What do trees need in order to survive?

  • What foods come from trees?

  • What other products come from trees?

  • How do people depend on trees?

  • Which animals commonly make their homes in trees? Which animals prefer live trees? Which animals prefer dead trees?

  • Deciduous trees put on leaves in the spring and lose them in the fall. Name some varieties of deciduous trees.

  • Coniferous trees usually keep their leaves or needles year round. Name some varieties of coniferous trees.

  • Why are trees an important part of earth's ecosystem?

  • What value do dead trees have in an ecosystem?

  • What would happen if all the trees on earth disappeared?

  • Are there places in the world where there are no trees? What are they like? How do they differ from the place where you live?

  • Where could you go to see many trees?

  • Why do people sometimes cut down trees?

  • What types of trees are commonly found where you live?

  • Where might you go to see a palm tree? A cherry tree? A sequoia tree? A pine tree?

  • What is clear-cutting? How can this practice damage the environment? Is clear-cutting ever necessary or justified? If so, when? If not, why not?

  • What has happened or is happening in parts of the world where people have cut too many trees and not bothered to replant them?

  • What steps, if any, does the government of your country take to encourage conservation and reforestation?

  • If you could be any kind of tree, what kind would you be? Why?
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