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Celebrating Arbor Day at The Holiday Zone

Arbor Day is a day set aside to plant trees and educate people about the importance of trees. Arbor Day began in Nebraska in 1874, the brainchild of J. Sterling Morton.

Morton, the editor of Nebraska's first newspaper, wanted to see settlers flock to the state. But the lack of trees on the Nebraska prairie posed a challenge. Although the prairie had the makings of rich farmland, would-be settlers could not build or heat homes without timber. In 1872, Morton suggested that the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture enlist the help of the state's residents in remedying the tree shortage. Morton recommended that the state establish a special day for people to plant trees and offer prizes for those who planted the most. On April 10, 1874, Morton's idea became reality, and Nebraska became home to America's first Arbor Day observance.

Today, the United States observes National Arbor Day on the fourth Friday of April. All fifty U.S. states celebrate Arbor Day, although dates vary from state to state according to local planting season. At least 25 other countries also have holidays and/or observances similar to Arbor Day.

Children's Art and Craft Projects for Arbor Day
Art and Craft Projects for Arbor Day
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