Veterans Day Vocabulary Quiz

Matching exercise

Match the items on the right to the items on the left.
a speech or gift given as a display of respect and appreciation
a burial place
to guard or defend against danger
an individual who has served in the armed forces
to fight to protect a person, place, or cause
soldiers trained to fight on foot
the absence of speech or noise
a flower often associated with Veterans Day
the mental strength to withstand danger and difficulty
a group of soldiers
to protect from danger
a man or woman serving in their country's armed forces
courageous (adjective)
a conflict between two individuals or groups of individuals
a highly-trained soldier who participates in surprise attacks
tranquility; the absence of conflict
a truce
a soldier injured or killed in military action
courage in the face of danger
political and civil liberty
to think of someone or something
to suffer loss or injury for the sake of a higher cause
to show respect
a group of soldiers trained to fight primarily on land
soldiers trained to fight at sea