Happy Veterans Day!

Recommended Links for Veterans Day

Annie's Veteran's Day Page
Offers a Christian perspective on the holiday, along with an overview of the five branches of service and tips for celebrating.

Celebrate! Holidays in the U.S.A.: Veterans' Day
Provides an overview of the holiday's history, along with excerpts from related legislation.

EnchantedLearning.com: Veterans Day Crafts
Provides craft activities, printable mini-books, and worksheets.

Education World Holidays Center: Veteran's Day
Features lesson plans, puzzles, worksheets, clip art, and links for classroom teachers.

The History of Veterans' Day
History.com mini-site includes a timeline of America's wars, battle maps, triva, and video clips detailing veterans' experiences.

Letting Down Our Guard
A part of PBS's Online Newsletter site, this page features transcripts of an interview with Colonel David Hackworth, America's most decorated veteran.

Remembrance Day, Gander Academy
Canada's Remembrance Day is much like Veterans Day in the U.S. Teachers of all nationalities will find this site useful as they prepare to honor their country's veterans.

Stars and Stripes Forever: Veteran's Day Quiz
This online quiz designed for elementary school students help students review the history of Veterans Day.

Veterans Day
This site in honor of all veterans was created by the child of a World War II veteran.

Veterans Day Activities
Cross-curricular activities and printable resources for kindergarten through middle school. From EduPlace.com.

Veterans Day School Kit
This page sponsored by the Department of Veterans Affairs suggests ways teachers and students can commemorate Veterans Day. The page includes a sample Veterans Day program.

What Did You Do In The War, Grandma?
Designed by high school students in an honors English class, this site tells the stories of Rhode Island women during World War II.

World War II: An American Scrapbook
This site designed by a fifth-grade class relates the war-time experiences of four students' grandparents and great-grandparents. Readers of all ages will enjoy the content, and both students and teachers will find the work of these elementary school students inspiring.

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