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Valentine's Day
We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.
                                                                   --Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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Around the World
Celebrate Holidays in the U.S.A.: Valentine's Day
An overview of the holiday's history and the way many Americans choose to celebrate it today.

Celebrating Valentine's Day Internationally
ESL students write about Valentine's Day celebrations the world over.

St. Valentine's Day Around the World
A brief look at Valentine's Day traditions from various countries.

Valentine's Day and White Day in Japan
The Japanese celebrate Valentine's Day in unique fashion. Each Feb. 14, women shower men with chocolates and other goodies. ... But the men return the favor just one month later when White Day rolls around.

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History and Traditions
The History of Valentine's Day
Explores the legends behind the holiday.

The History of Valentine's Day
Information on the origins of the most romantic holiday, including the real St. Valentine. From The History Channel.

Origins of Valentine's Day
Part of the Writing Den project, this site traces Valentine's Day back to its roots. Site design uses words, diagrams, and pictures to communicate, making it ideal for visitors with limited English abilities.

Valentine's Day
Page examines the origin of Valentine's Day and early observances of the holiday.

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Especially for Children
Be My Valentine
Printable coloring pages, craft templates, and cards from children's author/illustrator Jan Brett.

Billy Bear's Valentine's Page
Online games, printable coloring pages and stationary, clip art, and more.

BlackDog's Valentine Fun and Games
Online games, free wallpaper and screen savers, print and play downloads, vintage Victorian and cartoon cards, and blank Valentine stationery.

Celebrating Valentine's Day at
Features printable coloring pages, printable and interactive word puzzles, stories, children's songs, action rhymes, fingerplays, arts and crafts projects, party games, whole language activities, children's literature recommendations, and discussion topics for English Language Learners (ELLs).

DLTK's Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids
Assortment of printable craft projects for young (2+) children.

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Especially for Teachers
Celebrating Valentine's Day at
Offers printable puzzles, printable coloring pages, printable reading comprehension exercises, children's songs, arts and crafts projects, party games, language games and other educational activities, children's literature recommendations, and discussion topics for the ESL/EFL classroom.

Everything a Teacher Needs for Valentine's Day
Offers lesson ideas, printables, coloring pages, crafts, and related theme units.

Lesson Plans for Valentine's Day
Cross-curricular lesson plans and supplemental resources for K-12.

Mrs. Bee's Valentine's Day Page
Offers a large collection of craft and educational activities for teachers of preschool through primary children.

Valentine's Day at Perpetual Preschool
Preschool teacher shares Easter songs, craft activities, games, and snack ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with young children.

Valentine's Day Themes and Activities
Recipes, songs, craft activities, and other ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day with children.

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Achin', Breakin' Heart
In story form, article reflects on the current state of Valentine's Day and much so-called love.

A Different Kind of Love
Site reflects on Valentine's Day from a Christian perspective.

Amore on the Net
Site tells the story behind Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day cards and explains how Cupid became a symbol of love; also includes a craft project for children and virtual Valentine's cards.

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