Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day Art and Craft Projects for Children

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Valentine's Day Placemats

Cut hearts of varying sizes out of sponges. Pour a small amount of thin red and pink paint (approx 1/8") into styrofoam trays.

Give each child an 11"x17" (A3) sheet of white paper, and allow children to take turns using moistened sponges to stamp heart designs onto their paper. After papers dry completely, children may use crayons or markers to add a Valentine's message. Laminate finished projects to create personalized placemats for your Valentine's Day party.


3-D Valentine's Day Characters

Give each child a large white heart or paper from which to cut a large heart. Pre-cut 1-inch wide strips of red constrution paper in 6- and 12- inch lengths. Give each child two 6-inch strips and two 12-inch strips.

Instruct children to draw a large funny face on the heart and color if desired. Next, show them how to fold the strips of paper accordian-style. Glue the shorter strips on the heart-face as arms and the longer pieces on as legs.

Older children may wish to use remaining scraps of paper to fashion mittens, shoes, or other accessories for their heart person. Younger children may enjoy gluing on pre-cut bits of pink or red yarn "hair." Children may also wish to write a Valentine's message on the back of their character.


Valentine's Puzzles

Trace heart shape onto heavy paper (i.e. poster board) for each student. Instruct students to write a Valentine's sentiment neatly on heart shape. (Encourage creativity.) When messages have been written, instruct students to cut out heart shapes. Students should then outline puzzle pieces onto reverse side of heart, then proceed to cut these out. Upon completion, each heart's pieces should be stored in a separate bag. Exchange bags. Allow students to piece together puzzles and read messages.


My Special Valentine

Draw 8" heart with lines for writing. Photocopy onto pink or white construction paper. (Red is too dark for writing to be clearly visible.) Provide each student with scrap paper and instruct students to write a special valentine's message to parents. (A good starter is the phrase, "I love you because . . .") When students have finished writing, instruct them to exchange rough drafts and review spelling and grammar. Each student should have three other students review his work. The teacher may answer any questions, but should not provide unsolicited assistance.

Instruct students to copy corrected text neatly onto ruled heart. Students should then cut out heart shape and decorate reverse side. Provide as many materials as possible for decoration (i.e. glitter paints, glue, colored paper, foil, markers, stickers, etc.).

Note: This project may be adapted for beginning students by allowing them to copy a phrase such as "I love you!" or "Happy Valentine's Day."


A Valentine's Zoo

Have students cut out hearts in all sizes.  (This could be used to review small, smaller, smallest, medium, large, larger, and largest.) When a large collection of hearts has been accumulated, set a time period for students to design and create an animal using the heart shapes. (Cats, fish, owls, and butterflies work especially well.)

At end of time period, review completed product.  Ask students to give animal's name and habitat (i.e. "My owl lives in a tree." or "My fish lives in the ocean.").  Use animals to create a Valentine's Zoo display on wall.



Cut red and white construction paper into 8 1/2" x 1" strips. Write a word related to Valentine's Day on each strip.  Fold each strip in half (4 1/4" x 1") with word inside. Crease, and unfold. Pull ends toward center to form heart shape and staple. Interlock hearts as you would a paper chain. These heart chains may be hung from the ceiling to count down the days until Valentine's Day.  Each day, cut one heart loose, and learn the vocabulary word written inside.


Puppet Show

Have each child cut out a large (6"-8") heart.  Decorate hearts as faces. Divide students into groups of 3-4. Encourage each group to prepare a two-three minute puppet show using its characters. Perform puppet show for classmates.  (You may staple large rubber band to the back of each face so that students can comfortably slide band over hand.  You may also glue faces to sticks.)

To expand on this activity, choose the best group and arrange for a public performance on Valentine's Day (inviting parents, office staff, and/or other classes).  Assist students in wording invitations properly, then allow them to create written invitations for guests.


Valentine Cut-Outs

Take an 8 x 10" sheet of white paper and fold lengthwise two times. Cut out various designs along folds. Unfold. Mount on 9 x 11" sheet of red construction paper.

Suggestion: On a sheet of notebook paper, write a Valentine's message to a family member. Tape or paste paper to back of cut-out project. Deliver the Valentine along with a hug.



Give each child a piece of red construction paper, and instruct children to cut out one or more hearts. (You may wish to pre-cut hearts for very young children). Fill an empty spray bottle with thinned white paint. Have children place their red heart(s) on a newspaper-covered table, lay a waxed paper doily over the heart, then spray with the thinned white paint. Remove doily and allow heart to dry. This creates an interesting lace-like pattern.


Valentine Bracelet

Cut a 1"-wide strip of pink construction paper long enough to fit around a child's arm. Cut three hearts out red construction paper. On each of the hearts, print one word of a Valentine message ("I love you" or "Be my Valentine" or "Happy Valentine's Day"). Let the children put the words in order to form a phrase, then paste them in the correct order onto their bracelet strips. Add other decorations as desired. Tape the completed bracelets on children's arms for take-home Valentine's treats.


Drizzled Hearts

Cut 6" hearts out of heavy paper. Fill small squirt bottles with pink, red, and white paint. (Old glue bottles are ideal.)

Cover a table with newspaper. Seat children around the table, giving each child a heart shape. Show children how to drizzle paint over hearts to create interesting Valentines. Leave hearts on table until they have dried thoroughly.

After hearts are dry, children may print Valentine's messages on the back.


Sparkling Hearts

Cut heart shapes out of heavy paper or construction paper. Paint hearts red, pink, or white.  Sprinkle salt on hearts while paint is still wet. Heart will sparkle when dry.

Suggestion: Mount 1 1/2" hearts at the top of 1" x 6" strip of poster board. Round corners. Write message on back for Valentine's book marker.


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