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Grandmother's Cooking

Build vocabulary and memory skills while dreaming of a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's House. Beginning with the letter "A," think of yummy things to have for the holiday meal. The first student might say, "I'm going to my grandmother's house, and I'm going to have apple pie." The second student repeats what the first one said and adds to it (i.e. "I'm going to my grandmother's house, and I'm going to have apple pie and bread.") See who can make it all the way to Z!

Happy Thanksgiving

Make as many words as possible from the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving" in the alotted time. Click here for a list of possible words.

I'm Thankful For . . .

Each player lists as many things as possible that he or she is thankful for in an allotted time period. If players cannot write, they may orally list as many items as possible in one minute. The player with the longest list wins.Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey

Fashion a turkey out of colored paper, using the patterns available here.  On each wing, write something to be thankful for. Younger children may write single words (i.e. "Mom," "Dad," "teddy bear," etc.), while older children should write in sentences or paragraphs. For added language practice, students may present their turkeys to the class and tell what each feather stands for.

Thanksgiving Certificates

List three or more people for whom you are thankful. Beside each person's name, write the things about that person for which you are thankful for. For example, you might write "Mother--She is kind. She loves me very much. She cooks delicious meals." Now, create a "certificate of appreciation" to tell  each person how much you appreciate him or her. You may complete one of the certificates I've created, or you may make your own from scratch.

Thanksgiving Mix-Up

How many things to be thankful for can you spell using the letters in "Happy Thanksgiving?" For added fun, work in pairs. At the end of a predetermined time limit, compare your list to your partner's. See who has the most unique words.

Web of Gratitude (requires yarn)

The leader holds the end of a ball of yarn. The leader says, "I am thankful for __________," then, retaining the end of the yarn, tosses the ball to another player. The player who catches the yarn wraps it around himself or herself, says, "I am thankful for ___________," then tosses the ball onto another player. Play ends when a player receiving the ball cannot think of any additional items. This may be played in teams, with the winning team being the one that plays the longest.

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