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Coloring Sheets

spacer Printable Cornucopia Coloring Page

Cornucopia Coloring Page
A trace, talk, and color page

Harvest Time Coloring Page

Harvest Time
A learn-and-color page (with action rhymes)

Pilgrim Coloring Page

Pilgrim Coloring Page
A talk-and-color page

Tom Turkey Printable Coloring Page

Tom Turkey
A learn-and-color page (with fingerplay)

Turkey, Turkey Printable Coloring Page

Turkey, Turkey
A talk-and-color page

Thanksgiving Collage

Collect old magazines, catalogs, and sales papers with plenty of pictures. (Kids, make sure to ask your parents' permission before cutting up magazines or catalogs around the house.) Cut out pictures of the items you are most thankful for. Neatly mount pictures on colored paper. Beneath each picture, write the name of each item. Arrange pictures on poster, bulletin board, wall, or door.

Chain of Gratitude

Cut colored paper into one-inch strips. On each strip, write something you are thankful for. Tape or staple strips into rings and intertwine to form a "chain of gratitude." See who can form the longest chain! (In an EFL setting, encourage classes to compete against one another to see which class can think of the most things to be thankful for. Drape finished chains from the ceiling.)

Fruit and Vegetable Painting

Since Thanksgiving is a time when people traditionally give thanks for a good harvest, you  might use fresh fruits and vegetables to paint Thanksgiving cards, stationary, or placemats. First, collect an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include all kinds of shapes and textures. (Kids, get your parents' permission before using vegetables to paint!) The following fruits and vegetables work especially well:

Dip your fruit or vegetable "paintbrush" into paint, then stamp design on paper. See what kinds of pictures you can create using these natural shapes.

Note: If you are a language teacher, you might review the names of fruits and vegetables before beginning projects. You might also ask students to guess what kind of shape various fruits or vegetables will make. After projects are finished, you can point to various prints and ask students what vegetables or fruits were used in their creation. When paint is dry, you can play a variation of Bingo. Give each student five to ten tokens, then call fruit/vegetable and color combinations at random (i.e. "Blue corn," "Green apple," etc.)  If a student has the combination described on his or her paper, he or she places one token at the top. The first student to place all tokens at the top of his or her page wins the round.

Thankful Tree

Give each child one or more squares of paper in fall leaf colors (red, orange, yellow, brown). Instruct each child to trace his or her hand onto the paper, then carefully cut out the handprint(s). Students should then write a sentence telling what they're thankful for on the palm of each handprint.

Cut a tree trunk from brown paper and post on a wall, door, or bulletin board. As children finish their handprints, they may attach them like leaves to the class "thankful tree." Thankful Turkey

Thankful Turkey

Fashion a turkey out of colored paper, using the patterns available here.  On each wing, write something to be thankful for. Younger children may write single words (i.e. "Mom," "Dad," "teddy bear," etc.), while older children should write in sentences or paragraphs. For added language practice, students may present their turkeys to the class and tell what each feather stands for.

Turkey Trimming

Gather large, unbroken pine cones. Dust cones thoroughly to remove dirt and sand. From a sheet of red paper, cut out a turkey head and neck. Lay cone lengthwise on a flat surface. Glue head into cone's pointed  end. From assorted colored sheets of paper, cut turkey feathers of three lengths. Arrange long feathers on back row of scales [opposite end from head], medium feathers on next row up, and short feathers on third row from back. If necessary, you may use a couple of drops of glue on each feather to hold feathers in place.

Thanksgiving Certificates

List three or more people for whom you are thankful. Beside each person's name, write the things about that person for which you are thankful for. For example, you might write "Mother--She is kind. She loves me very much. She cooks delicious meals." Now, create a "certificate of appreciation" to tell  each person how much you appreciate him or her. You may complete one of the certificates I've created, or you may make your own from scratch.

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