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Links to Other St. Patrick's Day Resources

Billy Bear's Happy St. Patrick's Day
This popular children's site includes printable coloring pages and cards as well as online St. Patrick's Day games.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day
Free St. Patrick's Day resources at The Holiday Zone include printable word wall, printable puzzles, children's songs set to familiar tunes, whole language activities, art and craft projects, children's literature recommendations, ELL discussion topics, and reading comprehension exercises.

The "Confessio" of St. Patrick
Patrick's autobiographical "confession" provides today's reader with an accurate picture both of Patrick's life and ministry. His faith in God and his total dedication to God shine through each part of this historic document.

Traditional Irish Tunes
This site contains lyrics to many traditional Irish songs, along with MIDI files for even more. Please note that I am not familiar with all of these songs, so I cannot say that all are definitely family-friendly. However, some of these songs such as "Danny Boy," "My Wild Irish Rose," and "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" are songs that every child should enjoy.

Irish History on the Web
An in-depth guide to Irish history resources available online. Includes general information, a look at specific periods in Irish history, timelines, political information, historical documents, and a guide to printed resources.

Saint Patrick's Day Activities
Printable coloring pages, craft templates, and other resources from DLTK.

St. Patrick's Day in the Classroom
This site provides teachers and parents with  art, language arts, math, social studies, and science activities related to St. Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day at Perpetual Preschool
This site provides an assortment of craft ideas, snack suggestions, songs, and other activities for celebrating St. Patrick's Day with young children.

Will the Real Saint Patrick Please Stand Up?
This biographical sketch of St. Patrick, written in story form, is ideal for reading as a family or to your class.

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