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Links to Other Reformation Day Resources

Always Reforming
Offers a summary of the Reformation, along with a challenge for the Christian church to continue the reformation process.

English Bible History
A timeline of how the Bible came to be translated into the English language. Closely linked to any study of the Reformation.

The Halloween That Changed the World
Traces the day back to its roots and explores the significance of the 95 Theses.

LoveToLearnPlace.com: Great Reformation
Offers educational resources for teachers and homeschoolers, along with background information and printable versions of key documents.

A Luther-Lantern for Halloween
Essay focuses primarily on the significance of Luther's life, but also features a unique twist on combining two October 31 observances.

5 Pillars of Reformation Truth
Essay examines the theology behind the Reformation.

A student-friendly guide to life during the era. Includes information on food, health, daily life, literature, warfare, and romance.

Mrs. Donn's Lesson Plans and Activities: Middle Ages
A teacher's guide to web sites that deal with various aspects of the Middle Ages, ranging from from feudalism to the Plague.

Reformation Day
Offers answers to common questions about the observance.

Reformation Day
Provides a short, simple history suitable for younger readers and/or English language learners.

Reformation Day Lesson Plan
Activity encouraging students to examine the history of the Reformation, observe its place in history, and explore the development of religious thought along with its impact on civilization.

Reformation: Revolt and Redirection
(PDF Document) A three-week unit study geared toward upper elementary students. From the Core Knowledge Foundation archives.

Selected Works of Martin Luther
Provides English translations of Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, numerous hymns, sermons, letters, and biographical profile by Philipp Melancthon.

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