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Celebrating Mother's Day at The Holiday Zone

Whole Language Activities and Games for Mother's Day

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Alphabet Adjectives

Starting with the letter Aa, students should brainstorm a list of adjectives that describe their mothers. For instance ...
  • My mother is amazing.
  • My mother is beautiful.
  • My mother is clever.
  • My mother is ...

Encourage students to see how far through the alphabet they can get in a set period of time.

Coupons for Mom

Direct students to brainstorm lists of half a dozen or more things (beyond normal chores) that they can do for their mothers. Ask them to trade lists with a friend and check one another's work for spelling, grammar, etc.
  • I will vacuum the living room.
  • I will read a story to my younger brother.
  • I will make your bed.
  • I will give you a back rub.
  • I will ...
Use the completed lists to create personalized Mother's Day coupon books. (
Give each student a stack of blank 3 1/2- x 5-inch index cards, along with markers, gel pens, colored pencils, etc. Tell them to work
neatly and let their creative juices flow.)

"My mother is the best because..."

Each student is given one minute to list as many reasons as possible why his or her mother is the best mother in the world.

The "I Love You" Game
Arrange students in large circle. Toss a ball to a student. This student must state one way in which he or she can show love for his or her mother. (i.e. "I can give her flowers.") Upon completion of sentence, student tosses ball to another student. Now this student must state a way in which he or she can demonstrate love for his or her mother.  Any student who repeats a suggestion previously made or who fails to think of an idea within fifteen seconds is out. Note: Encourage students to act on their ideas!

"My mother sent me to the supermarket to buy..."
Choose a student to begin. This student says, "My mother sent me to the supermarket to buy [a food item beginning with the letter "a"]. The next student repeats, "My mother sent me to the supermarket to buy [food item listed by previous student for the letter "a"]," then adds and [a food item beginning with the letter "b"]. Students progress through the alphabet, adding a new food item each term. Any student who forgets an item on the shopping list is out.

Mother, May I? (best played outdoors or in a large area)
Establish start line and finish line. Choose one student to be mother. This student will go to the finish line. All other students must go to the start line. Explain to students on start line that their goal is to cross the finish line first; however, they must ask Mother's permission for each move they make toward the finish line. For example, the first student might ask, "Mother, may I take four large steps?" The next student might ask, "Mother, may I make five jumps?" And so forth. If Mother responds, "Yes, you may," the student may proceed. If Mother replies, "No, you may not," the student must wait until next turn and make a different request.

Mother and Child
On seperate index cards, write names of animals (or paste illustrations) and their young such as horse/colt, dog/puppy, cat/kitten, cow/calf, pig/piglet, hen/chick, lion/cub, deer/fawn, sheep/lamb, etc. Pin or tape one card to the back of each student. No student knows his or her own word and is not allowed to ask it directly. When all students have received cards, students must then find their match by asking other students yes/no questions in English. Some sample questions might include, "Am I large?" "Do I live outdoors?" "Would you be scared if you met my mother?" and so forth.
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