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Celebrating Memorial Day at The Holiday Zone

Writing Prompts for Memorial Day

  • Create a Venn diagram contrasting the Decoration Day of the nineteenth century with the Memorial Day of today.

  • Brainstorm a list of ways individuals and communities can honor veterans.

  • Write a letter thanking a veteran or a soldier who is currently serving in the U.S. military for his or her service to our country.

  • Interview a grandparent or elderly neighbor who lived through one of the wars of the 20th century about his or her experiences. Write a narrative relating that person's experiences. Use narratives to create a "Wall of Memories."

  • Choose one of these words or phrases and use it as the base for a Memorial Day acrostic: soldier, sacrifice, battle, veteran, Memorial Day, In Memoriam.

  • Should Memorial Day be a three-day weekend? Or should it be returned to its original date of May 30th so that more emphasis is placed on the meaning of the holiday and less on summer vacation? Write an argumentative essay stating and defending your position.

  • Write an extended definition of "liberty."

  • Is freedom worth fighting for? Is it worth dying for? Why or why not? Write a persuasive paragraph stating and defending your position.

  • What makes someone a hero? Write an expository paragraph explaining what a hero is and how an individual becomes a hero.

  • Write a narrative paragraph about your number one hero. Tell who your hero is, what he or she has accomplished, when he or she lived, where he or she lived, and why you have chosen him or her as your hero.

  • Write a biographical profile of a local resident killed in military action.
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