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Celebrating Memorial Day at The Holiday Zone

Decoration Day
George Hurlbut Barbour

From many a field with patriot blood imbrued,
     From many a scene of suffering and despond,
     From many a dark ravine and rushy pond,
From many a wilderness and solitude,

From many a wreck in ocean caverns strewed,
     From many a stately tomb and lowly mound,
     The spirits of the slaughtered brave respond,
The martyrs of that host, in civil feud.

Which staked for Union lives and all.  They leapt
     To save the Constitution and the State;
          They fought for liberty and right; they died,
Unselfishly, in Freedom's cause. Men wept,
     To see such sacrifice, though love so great,
          Such deeds of valor, swelled their hearts with
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