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Celebrating Memorial Day at The Holiday Zone

A Ballad of Heroes
Austin Dobson

Because you passed, and now are not,—
     Because, in some remoter day,
Your sacred dust from doubtful spot
     Was blown of ancient airs away,—
     Because you perished,—must men say
Your deeds were naught, and so profane
     Your lives with that cold burden ? Nay,
The deeds you wrought are not in vain!

Though, it may be, above the plot
     That hid your once imperial clay,
No greener than o'er men forgot
     The unregarding grasses sway;—
     Though there no sweeter is the lay
Of careless birds,—though you remain
     Without distinction of decay,—
The deeds you wrought are not in vain!

No. For while yet in tower or cot
     Your story stirs the pulses' play;
And men forget the sordid lot—
     The sordid care, of cities gray;—
     While yet, beset in homelier fray,
They learn from you the lesson plain
     That Life may go, so Honor stay,—
The deeds you wrought are not in vain.


Heroes of old! I humbly lay
     The laurel on your graves again;
Whatever men have done, men may,—
     The deeds you wrought are not in vain!
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