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Celebrating Memorial Day at The Holiday Zone

Classroom Activities for Memorial Day

  • Make flags to decorate the classroom.

  • Adopt a local cemetery. As a class, volunteer to place flags and/or flowers on the graves of all veterans.

  • Contact your local Veterans of Foreign War post and volunteer to assist with Memorial Day poppy sales. Students can sale poppies before school, after school, during recess, and/or during lunch the week of Memorial Day.

  • Coordinate a pre-Memorial Day bake sale or BBQ to raise funds for an organization that helps war widows, war orphans, or disabled veterans. Better yet, adopt a local family who has lost a father or mother in Iraq or Afghanistan and raise funds to help that family with a specific need.

  • Invite a veteran to speak to the class. If a child in the class has a father or mother who is currently serving overseas, try to arrange a brief teleconference with the parent.

  • Write letters to veterans at a local veterans hospital thanking them for their service to our country.

  • Create a wall of heroes. Have children bring in photos of family members who have fought in a war. Display these, along with brief student-written biographies of each person.

  • Divide students into groups. Assign each group a war in U.S. history. Have them research it, create a poster about it, and prepare a brief presentation outlining the conflict and its consequences.
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