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Labor Day Vocabulary for English Language Learners

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(v.) to claim as one's right; to require
The workers demanded better pay.

(n.) something that is required or claimed as due
The strikers' list demands included higher pay, better insurance coverage, and safer working conditions.

(n.) a person who works for pay in the service of an individual or business
Large companies have thousands of employees

(n.) a person who pays others to work for him or her
She is a good employer; she pays her employees well.

(v.) to employ; to give a job
The school hired three new teachers this year.

(n.) work that is hard and usually physical
The farmer rested from his labor.

(v.) to work hard
The construction workers labored in the hot sun.

minimum wage
(n.) the smallest amount of money employers may legally pay their employees
Dave works hard at his new job, but doesn't make that much money. His employer pays minimum wage.

(v.) to form a union
The workers organized to fight for better working conditions.

(n.) a person posted by a labor union in front of a business where there is a strike
The pickets stood outside the factory.

(v.) to walk or stand in front of a business where there is a strike
The striking workers picketed in front of the factory.

(v.) to complain strongly about
Miners protested unsafe working conditions after an explosion killed twelve workers.

(n.) the act of protesting
More than 2,000 people participated in the protest.

(v.) to stop work in order to force employers to agree to demands
Employees of XYZ Corporation are striking to force the company to provide better health care benefits.

(n.) the act of striking
Employees of XYZ Corporation went on strike after the company announced plans to cut pay.

(n.) an organization of workers designed to help them get better pay and working conditions
Labor unions demanded a standard eight-hour work day.

(n.) money paid in exchange for work
The workers collected their wages at the end of each day's harvest.

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