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Interactive Hanukkah Puzzles
Hanukkah Crossword Puzzle Hanukkah Crossword
An 18-word puzzle for children in grades 3 and up.
Dreidel Play Crossword Puzzle Dreidel Play Crossword
A ten-word puzzle for children in grades 2 and up.
Easy Hanukkah Word Search Easy Hanukkah Word Search
A 12-word puzzle for beginning readers (Grades 1-2); words go across and down only.
Moderate Hanukkah Word Search Moderate Hanukkah Word Search
A 25-word puzzle for developing readers; words go across, down, and diagonally.
Challenging Hanukkah Word Search Challenging Hanukkah Word Search
A 40-word puzzle for students in upper elementary school and beyond; words go in all directions.
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