Hanukkah Action Rhymes and Fingerplays

I'm a Little Dreidel
I'm a little dreidel (Point to self.)
With a point and a top. (Make point with hands; pat head.)
I spin, spin, spin, (Spin around.)
Then I drop. (Fall to the ground.)

My Menorah
Here is my menorah, (Put hands together.)
Eight candles standing tall. (Fan out eight fingers.)
In the middle is the shamash, (Link thumbs and hold them up straight; let fingers fan on the sides.)
Rising above them all.
We use the shamash, (Pretend to hold a candle.)
To light a flame each night. (Pretend to light a candle.)
Eight nights of Hanukkah, (Hold up eight fingers; pretend to sleep.)
Eight candles burning bright. (Hold up eight fingers; cup hands around face like a candle flame.)

Latkes, Latkes
Latkes, latkes, (Make circle with fingers.)
Sizzling in a pan. (Hold hands out flat in front of you; move them slightly up and down.)
Flip them, (Flip hands over.)
Toss them, (Make tossing motion.)
Catch them if you can. (Make catching motion.)

Pretty Little Dreidel
Pretty little dreidel, wound up tight, (Cup hands together and place on top of head like handle.)
Whirl and whirl with all your might. (Spin around.)
Whirl and whirl 'til you can whirl no more, (Spin some more.)
Then sit quietly upon the floor. (Sit down quietly.)

Ten Little Latkes
Ten little latkes sizzling in a pan, (Hold up 10 fingers.)
One jumped out, said "Catch me if you can!" (Jump.)
I chased it and chased it and chased it some more, (Run in place.)
Then that little latke ran out the kitchen door. (Wave good-bye.)

Now, there's nine little latkes sizzling in a pan ... (Hold up 9 fingers.)

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