Happy Fathers Day

Games and Activities for Father's Day

Father, May I?
(best played outdoors or in a large area)
Establish start line and finish line. Choose one student to be father. This student will go to the finish line. All other students must go to the start line. Explain to students on start line that their goal is to cross the finish line first; however, they must ask Father's permission for each move they make toward the finish line. For example, the first student might ask, "Father, may I take four large steps?" The next student might ask, "Father, may I make five jumps?" And so forth. If Father responds, "Yes, you may," the student may proceed. If Father replies, "No, you may not," the student must wait until next turn and make a different request.

Find the Tie!
Cut out a small necktie and color it. If possible, laminate for greater durability. Choose one student to be the father. This student sits in a chair at the front of the room with his or her eyes closed. The tie should go beneath the chair. Choose another student to remove the tie and hide it somewhere in the classroom. After the tie is hidden, all students call "Daddy, Daddy, come on! Let's go! Hurry, please. We don't want to be late!" The student turns and "discovers" his or her missing tie. He or she wants to find the tie before leaving, but has only one minute in which to do it. He or she may ask up to ten yes or no questions before attempting to guess the location of the tie. (Is it up high? Is it behind something? Is it near the books? etc.) If he or she guesses correctly, he or she remains the father for another turn. If he or she guesses incorrectly, the student who hid the tie becomes the father.

"My father's leaving on a business trip..."
Choose a student to begin. This student says, "My father's leaving on a business trip, and he is going to [a city or country item beginning with the letter "a"]. The next student repeats, " "My father's leaving on a business trip, and he is going to [place listed by previous student for the letter "a"]," then adds and [a city or country beginning with the letter "b"]. Students progress through the alphabet, adding a new city or country item each time. Any student who forgets a place on Father's itinerary is out.

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