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Celebrating Easter at The Holiday Zone -- He is not here, for He is risen as He said!

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Recommended Links: Christian
Alleluia! He Is Risen
Reflects on the far-reaching impact of Christ's life.

Annie's Easter Page
Examines what Easter is all about. Explores the historic roots and meanings of common Easter symbols such as cute bunnies and colored eggs.

Carolyn's Universe ~ He Is Risen
Includes the Biblical story of Easter, poems, lyrics, legends of the dogwood, legend of the sand dollar, and a Shockwave movie depicting the Resurrection.

Easter Cookies
Hands-on activity helps children understand the resurrection.

Easter in CyberSpace: A Christian Perspective
Comprehensive directory of Christ-centered Easter and Lent web sites.

The Easter Page -- Lent, Easter, The Resurrection
Cyberspace journey through scripture, art, music, prose and other materials which reflect on the mystery and miracle of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Stories and Articles - Christian Articles Archive - 10 stories and articles related to Easter; some also available in Chinese and Portugese.

Facts about the Crucifixion
A physician examines Christ's suffering during his final hours from a medical perspective.

He Is Risen
Art, music, and Scripture combine to tell the story of Christ's death and resurrection of Jesus.

He is Risen
Shares the story of Easter and explains symbols commonly associated with Easter.

Holidays and Holy Days
Critiques pagan practices surrounding Easter.

Interactive Passion History
Take a virtual trip to Calvary. Interactively journey as a witness to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

10 Reasons To Believe Christ Rose From The Dead
Examines Biblical and historical evidence which supports belief in Christ's resurrection.

Terry's Easter Celebration
Includes the biblical account of Christ's death and resurrection along with study notes and offers Easter stories suitable for children.

Twas the Night Before Easter
A creative parody to reflect on the true meaning of Easter, and a Christian holiday celebration for the entire family.

The Twelve Voices of Easter
RealAudio and visual drama written by Dr. Woodrow Kroll and Keith Ghormley relates Christ's hours of dark sorrow, from His arrest in the garden to His agonizing death on the cross.

Recommended Links: Children
Absolutely Easter
Easter site loaded with information on all aspects of Easter. Also offers printable paper crafts, games, riddles and stories, and an entire printable Easter village.

Billy Bear's Happy Easter
Online stories, games, activities pages, and holiday downloads for young children.

Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix
House Rabbit Society page helps adults make informed decision on purchasing a cute little bunny as an Easter gift.

DLTK's Easter Crafts for Kids
Printable templates for children's Easter crafts suitable for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool kids.

Easter Cookies
Hands-on activity helps children understand the resurrection.

The Easter Picture
Story helps children understand and share the story of the resurrection.

Easter Stories
Collection of Easter stories, both religious and non-religious.

Kid's Domain Easter Time
Online and printable Easter games, word games, crafts, mazes, clip art and coloring pages.

Recommended Links: Classroom
Chicky's Easter Page
Games, songs, art, and science activities for use with preschoolers.

Easter Art Projects
Art projects for young children.

Easter at Perpetual Preschool
Preschool teacher suggests games, art projects, songs and fingerplays, and snack ideas for classroom celebrations.

Easter Crafts - Wendy's World of Crafts
About two dozen Easter craft ideas, including novel egg decorating ideas. Designed for classroom use.

Easter Fun
Craft projects for use with children.

Easter Games
Easter games for young children.

Easter Games For The Family Or Classroom
Printable activities including a word search, word scramble, and maze.

Easter in the Classroom
Ideas for all subject areas, as well as recommended links.

Easter Math Projects
Preschool teacher suggests Easter math activities for young children.

Easter Science Projects
Preschool teacher shares egg dyeing techniques for preschool or elementary science classes.

Easter Songs & Fingerplays
About 20 simple songs and fingerplays suitable for young children.

Easter Theme Pages
Australian teacher shares an assortment of classroom-tested Easter activities.

Happy Easter
Easter links to things linguistic, cultural, and fun for teachers and students of French, German and Spanish.

Happy Easter from Mrs. Bee's Busy Classroom
Easter crafts, stories, songs, and poems designed for use in the K-6 classroom.

Why All the EGGS-citement About EGGS?
Eggs-ploits the egg with an egg-splosion of across-the curriculum egg-tivities for all grades.

Recommended Links: Other Resources
Bunnies and Easter Don't Mix
House Rabbit Society page helps adults make informed decision on purchasing a cute little bunny as an Easter gift.

Easter on the Net
A wealth of information about Easter traditions and customs. Includes downloadables, message boards, and electronic greeting cards.

Links from NOBLE (the North of Boston Library Exchange)

Easter Customs
Traces the history of Easter celebrations within the church and the evolution of Easter traditions.

Easter Past, Easter Present
Parents shares family Easter memories and suggests creative ways to share Easter with children.

Happy Easter
Examines the non-religious aspects of Easter; explores how pagan traditions became intermingled with Christian observances of Christ's resurrection.

History of the White House Easter Egg Roll
Short history of the U.S. tradition which began in the nineteenth century.

History of the Easter Egg
Tells of the egg's significance in early pagan spring rituals and explains how it came to be a part of contemporary Easter celebrations.

How The Egg Came To Symbolize Easter
Detroit News article explains how the egg became an Easter symbol.

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