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Good Friday
(Elementary Reading Comprehension Exercise)

Many years ago Jesus died on Good Friday. His friends and followers were very sad. They thought they would never see Jesus again.

Why is this sad day called "good"? For many years, it was called "God's Friday." God's Friday sounds similiar to Good Friday. This may be the way that Good Friday got its name.  In other countries, this day is called Silent Friday or Holy Friday.

Some Christians go to church on good Friday. They may have parades. These parades are very sad. People march through the streets while it is still dark and sing sad songs. They talk about Jesus' death.

Other Christians celebrate good Friday in a different way. Instead of singing sad songs, they sing praise songs to thank Jesus for dying for them.


Do you know what these words mean? If not, look them up in an English dictionary, or click here to look them up online.


Sentence Completion I

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences below.
  1. In some __________, Good Friday is called "Holy Friday."
  2. Jesus' friends and ___________ were very sad when he died.
  3. Jesus died to _________ people for all the bad things they had done.
  4. Some people have sad ___________ to remember Jesus'death.
  5. Other people sing _________ songs to thank Him for dying.

Sentence Completion II

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences below.
  1. Today the ____________ of Christ are called Christians.
  2. China is the largest ___________ in the world.
  3. My teacher __________ me because I got a good grade on the test.
  4. Chang-min was very sad because of his grandfather's _________.
  5. I ___________ that I should study hard.

Reading Comprehension

  1. What happened many years ago on good Friday?
  2. Who was sad? Why?
  3. How might Good Friday have gotten its name?
  4. What are some other names for Good Friday?
  5. How do people today celebrate Good Friday?

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