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Celebrating Easter at The Holiday Zone -- He is not here, for He is risen as He said!

Easter Sunday
(Elementary Reading Comprehension Exercise)

Easter Sunday is a happy day. On Easter Sunday, Jesus' friends learned that he was alive again. They went to the cave where Jesus had been buried. The huge rock that had blocked the door of the cave was rolled away. The cave was empty.

Then they saw an angel. The angel told them, "Jesus is not here. He has risen just like He promised!" Jesus was alive again. His friends were very happy.

Some of His friends did not believe that Jesus had really come back to life. They did not believe until He came to see them. Then they were happy too.

Jesus promised that everyone who believed on Him would someday live with Him. Many Christians celebrate that promise by going to church on Easter Sunday. Some go very early when the sun is coming up. Others go later in the day. Many people wear their best clothes. The churches are full of flowers. The people sing joyful hymns. They remember the story of the resurrection. Then, they go home to celebrate with family or friends.


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Sentence Completion I

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences below.
  1. On Easter Sunday, Jesus' friends learned that He was __________ again.
  2. Jesus had been buried in a ________.
  3. When His friends went to the cave, the rock that had __________ the door was rolled away.
  4. An __________ told them "He is not here; He has risen just like He promised."
  5. Jesus ___________ promised that everyone who believed in Him would someday live with Him.

Sentence Completion II

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences below.
  1. The coffee pot is __________; we need to make more.
  2. Please __________ the stairs so that the baby does not fall down them.
  3. He __________ to be home by 6:00.
  4. The sun __________ each morning.
  5. The dog __________ its bone in the grass.

Reading Comprehension

  1. Why is Easter a happy day?
  2. Where was the rock that had blocked the door of the cave?
  3. Who told Jesus' friends that He was alive again?
  4. Did everyone believe that Jesus had come back to life?
  5. How did Jesus prove that He was alive?
  6. What did Jesus promise everyone who believed in Him?
  7. How do Christians celebrate the promise of Jesus?

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