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Celebrating Easter at The Holiday Zone -- He is not here, for He is risen as He said!

Children's Educational Activities and Classroom Games for Easter

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The Egg Hunt
Cut six eggs each out of four different colors of paper. Hide the eggs throughout the school. Divide students into four teams. Give each team a written clue or directions to help them find their first egg. On the back of the first egg, write a clue or directions to the second, and so forth. The winning team is the first to find all six eggs and return to the classroom.

Mystery Egg
If possible, obtain plastic Easter eggs. (Even half a dozen is sufficient.) Fill each egg with a different substance--sand, coins, paper, candy, rocks, grass, etc. Students must try to guess what is inside each egg by asking questions. (i.e. Is it soft or hard? Does it taste good? Is it something usually found outside? and so forth.)  A variation is to tell one student what is inside the egg. That student must then answer questions.

Scrambled Eggs
Cut egg halves out of paper. On the back of each half, write a word or draw a picture. On the next half, write or draw its opposite (i.e. hot/cold, big/little, over/under, etc.). Label the first half A and the second B. When students arrive, give each one two mismatched egg halves (one A half and one B half). Students must find their other half by asking other students questions in English. When the students make a match, the student holding the A half keeps the match. The winner is the first student to give away his B half and find the match for his A half. (This activity may also be done with rhyming words, numbers/number words, pictures/vocabulary words, etc.)

Synonym Baskets
Copy basket pattern onto brown construction paper. Beneath the basket, print an adjective.
Copy egg shapes onto colored paper, cut out, and laminate.

Put basket sheets, egg shapes, wipe-off markers, and a children's thesaurus in a learning center cubicle. Students can select a word, write as many synonyms as they can think of on eggs, then place eggs in basket. Students may then compare the synonyms they found to those which appear in the thesaurus.

Encourage children to keep a record of how many synonyms they found for each word. Consider giving each child a plastic Easter egg filled with goodies when he or she completes all of the word baskets in the center.

Easter Bunny Hoppity-Hop
Note: This game may be played indoors or out, but requires a large, clear playing area.

Divide children into groups of 8-10. Appoint one "bunny watcher" per group. On command, have children hop in a particular manner. (Hop fast, hop on your left foot, hop backwards, hop and wave your right hand, etc.) Any child who fails to follow directions is out. At random intervals, call it "Stop!" Children must then freeze in position. The last one (or two or three, etc.) to do so is also eliminated from play.

The last child to remain standing in each group may be rewarded with a small prize, a sticker, or a piece of candy. Depending on the ages of the children, the winners may also become the next group of "bunny watchers."

Mother Hen
Note: This game is best played outside. If you must play inside, make sure nothing breakable is in the playing area.

Students should form a straight line. Choose one student from the line to be the mother hen. The mother hen will stand fifteen to twenty feet in front of the line, with his or her back to the remaining students. Mother Hen then throws a ball over his or he shoulders to the rest of the class. Students scramble to catch it. When one of them has caught it, they form a line again, and all students place their hands behind their backs to make it look like they have the ball. After everyone is back in position, they begin to call, "cheep, cheep, cheep." Mother Hen must guess who has the ball. He or she may ask five yes/no questions (Does a girl have it? Does someone wearing blue jeans have it, etc.) before making a guess. If Mother Hen guesses correctly he or she gets another turn (max. three turns). If Mother Hen guesses incorrectly, the person holding the ball becomes the next Mother Hen.

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