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Chuseok Links

Chuseok in Korea
A Korean student tells about the holiday, games traditionally played and food traditionally eaten

A Korean student writes about the traditional observance and explains why it is important.

Korean Folk Holiday: Chuseok
Introduces the games and contests that typically play a role in this holiday's celebrations.

Korea Infogate: Chuseok
Photos and text provide an overview of holiday activities and foods.

PBS Online: Hidden Korea/Ch'useok
Offers a concise explanation of the holiday, Korean burial traditions and the ways in which contemporary families honor their ancestors.

Korea in General

Hanguel: Korean Alphabet
Article from the Korean Overseas Information Service provides a brief introduction to Hangeul.

An Introduction to Korean
Introduces the Korean alphabet, basic conversational phrases, common vocabulary, and grammar. Includes text and RealAudio.

Life in Korea: Cultural Spotlight
Pr in-depth look at various aspects of Korean culture and society.

Life in Korea: Food and Drink
Provides photos and descriptions of dozens of popular Korean dishes.

Korean Folk Village: About Korea
Offers an in-depth look at Korea's history and culture, along with photos from the national folk collection.

PBS Online: Hidden Korea
Provides a brief look at Korean geography, history, culture, religion, and food.

South Korea: A Country Study
Information from the Library of Congress covering the economy, geography, history, society and government of the country.

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