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Coloring Pages -- Simply print and color.

Korean Traditional Dress Coloring Page Korean Traditional Dress
Korean Traditional House Coloring Page Korean Traditional House
Making Songpyeon Coloring Page Making Songpyeon

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Colored Rice
Of all the crops grown in Korea, none is more important to the country than rice. Rice serves as the foundation of almost every meal. Traditional desserts and snack foods are often made from rice flour. Rice is even served as a beverage, with one popular form being a sweet punch known as "sikhye."

Create a unique harvest picture by penciling an outline on cardstock or heavy paper, then using colored rice to fill in the areas. To color rice, simply mix 1 c. of rice with 1 tsp. of alcohol. Then, add liquid food coloring until desired shade is reached. Allow colored rice to air dry before using.

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Harvest Prints
Since Chuseok is a festival to celebrate the year's harvest, consider using fresh fruits and vegetables to stamp designs or pictures. First, collect an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you include all kinds of shapes and textures. (Kids, get your parents' permission before using vegetables to paint!) The following fruits and vegetables work especially well:

Dip your fruit or vegetable "paintbrush" into paint, then stamp design on paper. See what kinds of pictures you can create using these natural shapes.

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Photo Collage
Search the Internet for pictures of people, places, and things in Korea. Print. Then, cut and arrange printed photos to create a collage of scenes from the Land of the Morning Calm. Laminate for durability, if possible.

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Sanded Taegeuk
The Taegeuk symbol is not just the center part of the Korean flag. It is also a commonly used as a decorative patriotic symbol, appearing on everything from musical instrument to T-shirts. Click here to print the taegeuk medallion. Print on heavy paper or cardstock, then use colored sand to "paint" it and create a unique textured ornament. The top of the Taegeuk is always red. The lower portion is blue.

To make your own colored sand, simply mix sand with powdered tempera until the desired color is reached.

Finely-ground salt may be substituted for sand. To color salt, add liquid food coloring one drop at a time until desired color is achieved. Allow salt to try thoroughly before use.

As yet another variant, paint the symbol with poster paints or acrylics, then dip in salt while the paint is still wet. As the project dries, the salt will create a glitter effect.

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Taegeukgi (Korean Flag)
Print and color Taegeukgi, the Korean flag. For an explanation of the flag's various elements, click here.

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Tissue Paper Hanbok
Traditional Korean hanbok make use of simple lines, but rich, vivid colors. Children's hanbok are especially colorful. Use a Google image search to find pictures of hanbok, then design your own. Sketch in pencil, then using bits of torn tissue paper or rice paper to color it in.

In lieu of drawing, you may print a copy of the Traditional Korean Dress coloring page and use torn paper to color the clothing on it.

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