Merry Christmas!

Christmas Action Rhymes and Fingerplays for Children

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A Shining Star
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

On the very first Christmas night,
(Put hands together; lay head on hands as if sleeping.)
A wondrous star shone big and bright.
(Hold hands above head; move fingers like stars shining.)
It marked the spot where the baby lay,
(Pretend to rock baby.)
So kings and shepherds could come to pray.
(Fold hands and kneel.)

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Christmas Candy
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

I took a lick of my peppermint stick
(Pretend to lick candy.)
And was it ever yummy!
(Lick lips.)
It used to be on my Christmas tree.
(Form tree shape with hands.)
Now, it's in my tummy!
(Rub stomach.)

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Christmas Presents

See the many presents by the Christmas tree,
(Point to eye; sweep hand in wide half-circle; form tree with hands.)

Some for you,
(Point to others.)
And some for me.
(Point to self.)

Long ones,
(Spread hands wide apart.)
Tall ones,
(Hold hand high above head.)
Short ones, too.
(Hold hands close together.)

And here is a round one
(Make circle with arms.)
Wrapped in blue.

Isn't it fun to look and see
(Point to eyes.)
All the presents by the Christmas tree?
(Sweep hand in wide half-circle; form tree with hands.)

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Christmas Time

See the snowflakes falling.
(Wriggle fingers like dancing snowflakes.)
See the candles glow.
(Hold up index finger like a candle.)
See the wreaths upon the door.
(Form wreath shape with fingers.)
It's Christmas time I know!

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The First Christmas
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

Clop, clop, clop went the donkey's feet,
Clop, clop, clop down the stoney street.
Nod, nod, nod went Mary's head.
She was tired, and she needed a bed.
Knock, knock, knock went Joseph at the door.
"Do you have room for anyone more?"
"No, No, No!" the innkeeper said,
"I don't even have one more bed."
"Wait, wait, wait," the innkeeper said,
"You can use my stable for a bed."
"Shh, shh, shh...What is that I hear?
The cry of Baby Jesus, oh so dear!"

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Five Little Bells

Original Author Unknown

Five little bells hanging in a row,
(Hold up five fingers.)
The first one said, "Ring me slow."
(Hold up one finger.)
The second one said, "Ring me fast."
(Hold up two fingers.)
The third one said, "Ring me last."
(Hold up three fingers.)
The forth one said, "I'm like a chime."
(Hold up four fingers.)
The fifth one said, "Ring us all at Christmas time."
(Hold up five fingers.)

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Five Little Candles
(Action Rhyme)

Thanks to Mary K. for sending this one our way!

Five little candles (Hold up five fingers.)
burning so bright (Wiggle fingers.).
The first one (Hold up one finger) said,
"We make great light!" (Arms up.)
The second (Hold up two fingers.) one said,
"The child is born" (Rock baby.).
The third one (Hold up three fingers.) said,
"Our light will adorn" (Arms out in front, palms up.).
The fourth one (Hold up four fingers.) said,
"We shine for Him" (Palms forward at sides of face, fingers spread.)
The fifth one (Hold up five fingers.) said,
"Let's not be dim" (Cover pointer finger with other hand.)
So they stood very tall (Stand tall.) and glowed very bright (Arms up.),
And the Christ child smiled that very night (Smile, hands around face.).

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Five Little Christmas Trees
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

Five little Christmas trees (Hold up five fingers.)
Stood all alone. (Stand up straight, arms at sides.)
Their hearts were very sad, (Point to heart; make sad face.)
For they hadn't found a home. (Shake head no, while looking sad.)
Chop! went the ax. (Pretend to swing ax.)
Down fell one tree. ("Fall" to the ground.)
And off it went with a happy family. (March in place, smiling.)

Four little Christmas trees
Stood all alone....

One little Christmas tree
Stood all alone.
Its heart was very sad,
For it hadn't found a home.
Chop! went the ax.
Down fell the tree.
And off it went with a happy family.

Gingerbread Men
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

Stir a bowl of gingerbread, smooth and spicy brown.
(Pretend to stir.)

Roll it with the rolling pin up and down.
(Making rolling motions.)

Take a cookie cutter and make some little men.
(Use imaginary cutter to cut imaginary shape.)

Put them in the oven 'til half past ten.
(Pretend to slide cookie tray into oven.)


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Three Great Kings
(Action Rhyme)

Original Author Unknown

Three great kings (Hold up three fingers.)
on a cold winter's night (Hug self, shivering.)

Found the baby Jesus (Rock make-believe baby.)
guided by the light (Point to sky.).

The first king (Hold up one finger.) said,
"We've come so far" (Stretch out arm, as if to show distance.).

The second king (Hold up two fingers.) said,
"We followed the star" (Point to sky.).

The third king (Hold up three fingers.) said,
"Great gifts we bring" (Extend hands out in front.).

And together (Hold up three fingers, wrap other hand around them.) they said,
"Great praises we sing" (Pretend to sing.)

Then they knelt (Kneel.) and they prayed (Hands in praying position.),
and they bowed their heads (Bow head.)

As they worshipped baby Jesus in His manger bed.
(Kneel in prayer.)

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