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""Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which were overcome while trying to succeed. . . ."
--Booker T. Washington
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All Ages Sites with this rating are appropriate for all viewers, but designed with young adult and adult audiences in mind.
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The African American Journey Especially for Kids!All Ages
Tells the story of African Americans, detailing their journey from Africa to slavery, emancipation, and the struggle for civil rights. Includes biographies, a review of civil rights laws and legislation, and a look at the politics of protest. From World Book.

AFRO-Americ@--The Black History MuseumAges 14 & up
Written by African-Americans for African-Americans, Baltimore's Afro-American Newspaper features online a range of stories related to African-American history. Featured articles include the stories of African-American resistance to slavery; the Scottsboro Boys, nine African-American teenagers falsely accused of rape during the Great Depression; the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American air-combat squandron; and much more.

AFRO-Americ@--Discover AfricaEspecially for Kids!
Designed especially for younger web surfers, this site includes a political map of Africa and facts about the continent. Currently, about half the African nations have their own web pages which give historical, demographic, economic, political, and educational information.

Black Baseball All Ages
Short feature from Sports Illustrated and CNN traces the history of black baseball.

Black History Month Especially for Kids!
Sports Illustrated for Kids offers a tribute to black athletes who changed the world of sports.

Black History Month Internet Treasure Hunt for Grades 3-4Especially for Kids!
Education World has prepared a reproducible ten-question Treasure Hunt related to Black History Month. Although students are referred to other sites to find answers for questions, all linked site are appropriate for young viewers.

Black History Month Internet Treasure Hunt for Grades 5-6Especially for Kids!
Also sponsored by Education World, this page is similar to the one above, but questions are slightly more advanced.

Black History Month Internet Treasure Hunt for Grades 7-8 All Ages
Also sponsored by Education World, this page is similar to the one above, but questions are slightly more advanced.

Black History Month--A CelebrationAll Ages
Kron-TV offers visitors photographs and brief biographies of a dozen notable African-American from the late nineteenth and the twentieth centuries.

Black History: Past to Present (Interactive Treasure Hunt)All Ages
Packard Bell hosts this treasure hunt which directs vistors to search the web to find answers for twelve questions related to the civil rights movement. One word of caution, however--while this link is rated for all ages, parents or teachers should supervise younger participants, since finding the answers to most questions requires that visitors surf the web.

Black History: Past to Present Student ActivitiesEspecially for Kids!
IBM provides teachers with ten suggested classroom activities related to Black History Month. While activities are designed especially for use in fourth through sixth grade classrooms, several of the activities could be used effectively with younger or older students as well.

Civil Rights TimelineAll Ages
The Seattle Time chronicles the civil rights movement from Brown v. Board of Education (1954) through the Rodney King incident (1992); this is a good resource for anyone beginning a study of the civil rights movement.

The Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History All Ages
Multimedia site includes a timeline, overview of the eras in black history, links to biograpical sketches of dozens of well-known African-Americans, and historic audio and video clips.

Gale Salutes Black History MonthAll Ages
Sponsored by the Gale Group, a leading publisher of reference materials, this site is a wonderful resource for parents, students, and middle school and high school teachers. Available online are brief biographies of more than seventy notable African-Americas, a 400-year chronology of African history, plot summaries of various literary works by African-American authors,  and activities to help celebrate Black History Month across the curriculum.

The Harlem RenaissanceAll Ages
Encarta Encyclopedia highlights the artists, writers, and musicians of the Harlem Renaissance. Site includes lesson plans and links.

The Internet African American History ChallengeAll Ages
Site includes short biographies of notable African-Americans from the nineteenth century. Also available are three interactive quizzes about African-American history. Teachers who wish to use this site with a class may create an online gradebook to track student progress.

KODAK: Powerful Days in Black and WhiteAges 14 & up
Kodak invites visitors to relive the civil rights struggle through the high-impact photography of photojournalist Charles Moore. Some photographs, however, may be disturbing to younger viewers.

Phat African American Poetry BookAges 14 & up
Site features popular works from a variety of twentieth-century African-American poets, including Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Countee Cullen, Rita Dove, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Ntozake Shange, and others. All works featured are of literary significance; however, language in some poems might not be appropriate for younger readers.

Stamp on Black History: Black History TourAll Ages
Tracing the history of America's African-American population back to 300 A.D., this site offers one of the most complete surveys of Black history available online.

Stamp on Black History: Game ZoneEspecially for Kids!
Site offers printable word searches and a crossword puzzle, printable coloring pages (pictures of notable African-Americans), African cooking, creative writing projects, and more.

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